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Hey all! I'm very excited to let everyone know that more art will be heading your way soon! I'll also begin taking commissions again, though I will be contacting people on my waiting list first!

That side, I'd like to share the Kickstarter my mom has put up! Since my father passed away nearly four years ago, life has been a tumult for my mom. She's gone through numerous changes and has surmounted her challenges with determination. This project is a great way for her to continue that journey, and to help her get healthier in the process. If you have any money to spare to such endeavours, please do! Her photography is top notch and she hasn't had much opportunity to share it! Thanks a ton! I'll throw in a paper sketch for anyone that donates at least $25 to her project as long as it gets funding, too!…
Ravenfire5 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
really wish i had money to give. best of luck with your kickstarter anyway. :)
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March 7, 2016


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