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Just hopping on here to let everyone know I've started a PATREON!! There will be lots more art goodies available through there... some early previews and stuff I won't be posting anywhere else! Please check it out and share it around. I'm REALLY excited to be able to do this, and greatly look forward to all the things I'll be doing and sharing in the future.

Also, I'm going to be working on a webcomic/graphic novel of my own creation... it involves chickens! I hope you're all as excited as I am! Patreon patrons will be the first to get the scoop on this as it progresses... so there you have it!

I will also be opening up commissions again sometime in the near future. I want to get through my waiting list first, though... Yay for art!

Good day all,

As many of you may have noticed, I have been rather scarce on here and on my tumblr art blog. The reasons for this are numerous, but all revolve around things I am juggling (and struggling to juggle) in my home life and at my unfortunate but necessary full-time job. My son is growing by leaps and bounds, which is wonderful. I could not be happier or love him more, but this is a double-edged sword... I hardly want to miss a thing, and after seeing to the necessary things at home and at my job, that leaves little time (and energy) for the spare moments I am able to devote to art. He will only be this age once and I will not skip witnessing him learn and grow to bury my face in a computer screen. If I did, it would be a decision I would regret for the entirety of my life. I already miss spending the days with him when I am working and it is frustrating and disappointing and draining on me emotionally. I'm slowly going nuts!

That said, I'm doing my best to see to the commissions currently on my docket! A number of clients have been extremely patient with me and I am so, so grateful. Once they are finished up I will most likely address my waiting list one at a time. If anyone on the list would like to be removed, please let me know! As of now, however, I cannot in good conscience add more names, so my commissions are officially and completely closed until further notice.

Rest assured, I am not and will never give up on art entirely... consider this more of a pseudo hiatus. I do have a large personal project that I hope to chip away at slowly. Right now it is still in the first planning stages, but when it reaches a certain level of completion, I will be sharing with everyone... It is exciting and I greatly look forward to sharing it with all of you! It is my hope that I can use it to escape the confines of my daily grind job... here's hoping!

Thanks for reading!
Hey all! I'm very excited to let everyone know that more art will be heading your way soon! I'll also begin taking commissions again, though I will be contacting people on my waiting list first!

That side, I'd like to share the Kickstarter my mom has put up! Since my father passed away nearly four years ago, life has been a tumult for my mom. She's gone through numerous changes and has surmounted her challenges with determination. This project is a great way for her to continue that journey, and to help her get healthier in the process. If you have any money to spare to such endeavours, please do! Her photography is top notch and she hasn't had much opportunity to share it! Thanks a ton! I'll throw in a paper sketch for anyone that donates at least $25 to her project as long as it gets funding, too!…
Hey all! Just bopping on to update everyone on some recent goings on. I endured the most painful experience of my life, but had the joy of welcoming my first son into the world on September ninth! It's been a whirlwind so far, and adjusting to parenthood is more than a little challenging, frustrating, and tiring. Still, I wouldn't do anything different.

More art soon!
Just bopping on to say that I am, indeed, still in existence! I will soon be making one last mega-dash through my current commission list in order to get them all done! So if you have been patiently waiting THANK YOU SO MUCH! This whole baby-spawning thing is extremely frazzling and has been leaving me tired, grumpy, and all manner of in-between.

My husband and I have been trying to get all of our house-related junk cleared up, but there are still many little projects and things that aren't finished and, I'll be honest, I've been trying to focus on them. Can't have half-finished walls, exposed floors, and drywall dust all over the house with an infant present. :/

Expect arts soon! And, as always, if you have concerns, please EMAIL me! Email is the absolutely best way to get a hold of me. I have been neglecting my dA account of late (as the expired subscription should show) and I don't always remember to check it for notes and whatnot!

Hey all!

Going to try and crank through some commissions tonight, and I enjoy streaming things. Unfortunately, Livestream can bog down my computer, so I'm going to be using I can only host a few folks though, so first come first serve!

Hop on via this link:

Surprise... it's mostly Pern dragons! :)
Greetings all!

I feel obligated to make a journal to let folks know why I've been so flaky as far as my internet presence is concerned. Fear not, I shouldn't be disappearing for good or anything of that nature... but things have been hectic (as usual, it seems) and they probably won't be letting up.

For my lovely clients who have been waiting for work: I am ever grateful for the amount of patience I've been shown. I will be putting extra polish and time into each piece to make it worth the wait and I do apologize for the awful turnaround time.

As some folks have noticed, I am not accepting commissions right now. I simply cannot take on more work when I have a backlog to take care of, first. Once I've caught up I'll be opening commissions for those who have contacted me about future pieces, but only a few at a time (maybe two, we'll see). I have to really work on my time management... :/

Another issue I've been having is that my trusty old 8 year old Wacom tablet is just about kicking the bucket. The cord must be fraying because I can't seem to get it to stay on for any decent period of time and constantly have to mess with it to get it working again. My husband will be shortly performing delicate surgery on it to see if it's repairable, otherwise I'm going to have to buckle down and get a replacement. Sigh.

Now.. for the reason why I've been pretty non-existent... and I hope it will suffice, somewhat....

My husband and I have spent the last few months running around like nuts because we will be welcoming our first child into the world sometime mid-September! The whole situation has been terrifyingly draining on me physically and mentally (and him, to an extent, haha) and I've been super concerned about getting my house in order, which means trying to wrap up as many of the projects we have going as fast as possible (before I can't do anything due to being a tubby preggers lady).

So, sorry for the absence! I'll be cranking out more art soon. Thank you all!
Hello again everyone. I wanted to let everyone know that I still exist and haven't forgotten about all of my friends on dA.

A few weeks ago two if my cats became mysteriously ill (and it was oddly unrelated...). Our recently adopted year-old cat, Waffle, recovered quickly after a very expensive visit to the vet, but the other did not fare so well. We had to put Jemima down.... She was suffering and was an older cat. The cost to even begin trying to figure out what was wrong with her was astronomical, and the likelihood that it was a disease or cancer with few treatment options was very high. We simply could not afford it, and we did not want her to suffer. It was the hardest decision my husband and I ever had to make.

I have never seen my husband so stricken and unable to even respond or react. He raised Jemima and she was his special little buddy. We are still getting used to not having such a special and unique part of our lives around anymore. It has become painfully apparent following her loss just how much we take all of or pets for granted unintentionally, and we are taking special care to give each of them love and attention every day.

That aside, I am disappointed in myself for having taken so many liberties in regards to my turn-around time on my commissions. I will be striving to change my working habits to address this issue. As always, if there are concerns about a piece that had been commissioned from me, please feel free to send me a message or an email.

Thanks everyone, and I hope your holiday season is wonderful.
Hi all! I am hopping on to let my lovely commissioners know that I have most certainly not forgotten about them! I am working on a sketch for each and every one of you as time permits. Please have patience and if anyone has any concerns, please send me a note or an email and we can chat it out! Also, if I have forgotten to respond to anyone, PLEASE let me know. My email is a mess and I really need to sort it out and apply filters to things. It's difficult to keep track of stuff, sometimes!  :) I'm also having a bit of trouble with my computer and tablet not wanting to play nice together, and that has been discouraging and difficult to address. 

I'll give no other excuses, but let you know that I am kicking myself into high-gear to see these finished. Thanks for your patience! Jammy loves you all (and is feeling much better). :3

Also, the sale is still going! 10%-25% off the prices listed on my website!!
Hi all, fund raising to pay for my little kitty Jemima's vet bill is still on-going! I have also come to the conclusion that I need to begin raising money to get myself a new computer built because my current beast is getting old, freezing, locking up, overheating, the usb ports are getting super flakey, etc. etc. (and it is unfortunately a mac laptop, so fixing it myself is not really an option. The warranty went up last summer). My Wacom tablet is quite beat-up as well, though it has served me faithfully for many a year, and I may need to buy a new one at some point (I hope not, though, I love my tablet ;  ; ).

Still, if I raise money in preparation of the possibility that my gear might die on me, I won't be stranded and unable to do any art.

I thank anyone who can spare the moolahs to commission me for some arts!

Sale will be 10% to 25% off the intial non-sale quote! And I'm not worried about additional fees for detailed subjects/environments, etc. at this point!

I have updated my commission information!! Check out the Commission Information page on my website! The commission form is at the bottom!! THANKS!
Hi all. I've got a cat, Jemima, that has been having weird issues with abscesses on her face and neck. Multiple visits to the vet (and multiple hundreds of dollars) later and we've ended up getting her scheduled for surgery to have some problem teeth removed. She goes in tomorrow. We are able to immediately pay the bills via a health credit card that I have, but the payments are going to put a major strain on the budget and I've been implored by my husband to try and do some serious and quick fund raising so we don't end up in fiduciary hot water. Our budget is being stretched already due to home repairs, student loans, other pet problems, and all that jazz. We are stresssed enough with this cat (who happens to be my husband's little baby and she loves him very, very much and vice versa) being in pain and that there is also a possibility that a heart murmur that she has may complicate her surgery (and she might not make it through) so we definitely don't want to have to worry about the monetary end of things on top of that. ;^; 

So, commissions commissions commissions! I'll be offering discounts depending on the project (anything from 10% to 25% off, I think, but maybe more, depending). I'll be doing my best to clear up my current docket (I only have a few projects right now) and to get to any new work asap!

If you are interested please check out my Terms of Service (and don't be scared off by any aggressive wording! I'm amiable and will work with any client's needs!) and then hop on over to my website where I have a convenient form that you can fill out and submit. If there's something that you want me to create that you don't see in my price list, email me anyway and we can work something out!

Thanks to everyone who watches me and enjoys my work. I'm inspired by the wonderful responses I get to my art and I really do appreciate everyone who takes something good away from it.

UPDATE: Jemima has returned safely from the vet with no unexpected issues. Our wallet is a great deal lighter, but the kitty should be just fine. She is still wobbly from the meds and wants absolutely nothing to do with me, but she is eating and drinking and doing quite well.

UPDATE 2:  THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS COMMISSIONED ME! THIS WILL BE A HUGE HELP! I must also sincerely apologize for the delays in my responses to all of you. Life has a way of doing what it wants without regard to the things I need to get done on a daily basis!!! If you have contacted me and don't hear back from me within a few hours of me posting this journal, please respond again! My email has been doing some flakey things (like lumping different emails into a single group) so some tend to get buried despite my best efforts to keep things nice and orderly.


Just got all four of mine cut out of my face... feeling kind of out of it and somewhat ill. Still going to go see Godzilla tonight... not really feeling up to much else... Expect brief hiatus from arts maybe unless I feel better tomorrow.

Edit: Ended up getting ill and being unable to get to the bathroom in time, so I puked all over the Imax theater. Didn't get it even close to anyone though, so I guess that's a plus. How awesome am I? (saaarrrcasssmmmm). Now I just want to sleep....
Don't ask me about the title... it's getting late...

Anyway! While working on commissions I get to listen to a bunch of baby chicks peeping away behind me and it is just the best, so I figured I'd share! If you're feeling down and need a little dose of cute baby things, or just like cute baby things and can never get enough, hop on over to my live webcam stream of the 6 bantam chicks I have in a brooder right now! That's right, live webstream of super cute, super tiny baby things! And this weekend I will be streaming my egg incubator, where 25 chicken eggs are set to hatch! First pip is scheduled for Friday or Saturday, so here's hopin' I have lots of successful hatchlings soon!

Here's the link again!

4.4.2014 WE HAVE PEEPING! I REPEAT: WE HAVE PEEPING! The webcam has been relocated to above the incubator, the sound is on, and things might get a little crazy today (which sucks because I work until 6!! AUGH) Eggs should start hatching very soon! CHECK IT OUT!

4.5.2014 Three eggs hatched!! First baby moved to brooder! Yaaaayyyyy!!

Also, I have a new art-only blog up on Tumblr, so you might as well check that out, too! Head on over to Another Oubliette for daily artings! More art soon!

Hello all!

Once again I must apologize for the radio silence on my end. Life after college (and getting married!) has been nothing but hectic and it has been quite the adjustment for me, but I'm working through it with gusto. I must announce that I now have an adorable little nephew, born on 3/14/2014 (Pi Day! can anyone say "birthday pies?" haw!) and he is an absolute joy. The whole family is delighted, and I'm super proud of my sister-in-law and her awesome soon-to-be-husband. A lot of my time was spent helping to prepare for this little one's arrival, and my husband and I made a pretty awesome (if I do say so myself) changing table for them, which I may post pictures of on my Tumblr at some point in the future.

My flock of chickens has had some changes, as well. We have 6 little additions who will be joining the ranks in a few weeks once they're old enough to be outside. Speckled Sussex babies! On top of those, we've got 30 eggs in the incubator as I type, and I'm super excited to see what they all turn out to be. We have 7 Copper Marans eggs that we purchased from a local breeder, and 23 eggs that we gathered from our own birds. On a sadder note, our main boy and king of the coop, Dovah, has been dethroned (somewhat violently) by his upstart proteges and is now in private recovery with the encouragement of our one hen, Crumble, who demanded she be let into the secluded area with him. Suffice to say, Ember and Sudoku, the father and son duo who did the most damage, will be getting found some new homes that won't eat them.

On a more important note, I will be working diligently to see that all of my owed commission work is done by the end of March, and if not by then, at the very latest the first week of April (as long as there are no extenuating circumstances, of course)!!! I must say I am a bit disappointed in myself for leaving my lovely clients hanging so long, and I will certainly make it up to them. :) Thank you all for your gracious patience!

That is all for now! Look forward to art soon!
Hey all! The radio silence has been (you may have guessed) a result of me being terribly busy! I'll have some arts to throw at you all soon! And to my dearest commissioners, please have patience! :D Thank you!!!
Hey all! In my free time I've been chipping away at the game and just managed to beat the elite four a few days ago! So I've been dabbling with Friend Safari and want to beef out the pokemon I can get there. If you want to share your friend code, please do! If you add me I will add you! :D
My number is 4871-3742-4572.

Feel free to message me in this journal if you want to trade or battle or anything, too. I'm not a competitive battler, though, so don't be too disappointed if I suck. I do like breeding and IV training pokemon, though (and am currently working on a shiny skiddo project, huehue). xD
Hey all! Just letting everyone know that I am still busy as the dickens! I haven't even totally cleaned up my house after the wedding and I've got a new job. It's very tiring and also very time consuming! I will be working on commissions this evening when I get home, so hope to see new stuff soon!
Hey all, I've been pretty scarce the last few days and will continue to be for the next week or so. If you have an urgent need to get in contact with me, sling me an email. That would be the best way to get my attention. :) Be back soon!

LIVESTREAM TODAY, Wedding Fund Raising Sale!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 8, 2013, 8:39 AM
Livestream, Friday, Noon EST, FIFTEEN MINUTES FROM NOW
As requested by a client, I will be Livestreaming their piece as it is created! Come by my Livestream Channel to check it out! The stream will start sometime around noon this Friday (October 11th, 2013) and continue for a while; either until the piece is completed, or until I need to take a break. :D I look forward to seeing everyone there! You can RSVP for the event for an assured spot (I think) since I have a 50 viewer limit (though, I've never hit the limit on my art channel).

Wedding Fund-Raising Sale is Still A GO!
I'm still looking for funds for my wedding party thing! The date is coming up fast, so commissions are SUPER WELCOME and the 10% to 25% sale is still valid! I will be taking commissions up until the actual date of the party (which is October 20th), though the piece might not be finished until after our "honeymoon" thing the week following. You can check out this journal for more information!

Have some example commissions!
Flames by KaiserFlames Lumiere by KaiserFlames
Wandering in Grief by KaiserFlames Scrap Metal Flower by KaiserFlames Cathedral by KaiserFlames
Moxy by KaiserFlames Alder by KaiserFlames

Journal CSS By dot-Silver
/Update! I've had a good number of commissions, but more is always good (and needed, haw haw)! We're getting down to crunch time! :D


WHELP. Once again, I must beseech my lovely watchers!! My wedding is on October 20th, and it turns out I am in dire need of some funds! Having to gut and rebuild the house has really drained our coffers...

So, I'm going to be giving discounts on commissions, anything from 10% to 25%+ off of base price depending on the particular commissioned piece... And don't forget about my new speedpaint commissions!  Check out my Terms of Service for all the details and more prices. Examples of my more popular types of commissions below!

Cathedral by KaiserFlames Wandering in Grief by KaiserFlames
examples of "speedpaints" base price $90-$100 (on sale for $70) USD

Lumiere by KaiserFlames Ravenclaws by KaiserFlames Slender Blue by KaiserFlames
examples of "fully rendered subject with no background" base price $60 USD
center piece features extra subject

Taggerung by KaiserFlames Sunrise by KaiserFlames Love and Peace by KaiserFlames
examples of "single subject with full environment" base price $150 USD

Dragon Templates by KaiserFlames
example of two clean linearts, base price $30 USD

on right on right on right As an added note these commissions will have very fast turn-arounds!! I will work very diligently to see that any commissioners will not wait more than two weeks to receive their art! on left on left on left

While I do need money, I am hardly asking for any handouts, though if anyone wants to give any gifts that would be WONDERFUL! My paypal address is And please, if you give a gift, put something that you would like to see drawn or sketched in the notes and I will be sure to return the kindness when time allows!